About me

Born and raised in sunny California, USA. The only girl and youngest of six children, I was raised by my father and five older brothers. At the age of ten, I discovered Polynesian dance as my saving grace; competing, performing, and teaching for nearly 10 years.

In college, I continued to explore other types of dance and forms of movement. This was also the beginning of my practice with Hatha yoga, which led me to study Bikram and Vinyasa.

In my mid-twenties I made a move to New York City where I worked as a private cook for renowned Photographer, Andrew Zuckerman in his studio in Chelsea. Shortly after, I traded my knife for the yoga mat; and in 2010, I completed my training in Vinyasa yoga with Yoga to the People NYC and became a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor. 



In August of 2010 my life changed dramatically after a surreal trip to Brazil and passing of my mother. I then returned to New York City with a new motivation to live my dream to teach yoga and surf the Bahian coast. This dream brought me to a small paradise beach town called Itacaré in the state of Bahia where I have lived part time for the past 7 years.  



In Brazil I teach yoga and dance to all ages. Partnering with local surf schools, hotels, guesthouses, and non profit organizations to offer both visitors and locals a holistic approach to the Itacaré experience.


I'm currently in Canggu, Bali creating a non profit program for local children. Find out more at Y3 KIDS.